Eye and skin care tips on Holi


Holi is a religious festival celebrated by Hindus all over the world. It’s known as festival colours in India. Perhaps this spring festival is  happiest and colourful festival of the Hindus. Child to old people all enjoys Holi madly in a jolly mood. This is the only festival where caste distinction is abandoned. Continue Reading


How often we need eye check up?

Without eyes our world is blind. We need to maintain healthy vision for a lifetime. So we need a periodic eye check up. How frequently we should go for an eye check-up- Monthly, quarterly, half yearly or yearly? Most of the time doctors advised for yearly check ups. But few cases, doctors advised for every 3 months. A follow-up visit is always decided by a doctor or optometrist. Sometimes we get confused because of the frequent visit schedule. Why doctor or optometrist, call every three months for follow-up? Continue Reading