How can we motivate our child to wear glasses?

The Children are restless. They don’t want to wear the glasses. It is very important to wear glasses for those who have the refractive error. Especially under 7yrs of age to prevent amblyopia. Because the uncorrected refractive error is the most common cause of amblyopia. It’s very difficult to treat after 7 yrs of age. Sometimes after prescribing glasses also, parents delay to offer them glasses.

Few parents often complaining that kids don’t want to wear glasses. In the modern era, while the parents are doing a job and grandfather, grandmother or caretaker maximum time spend with children. If parents don’t have time, they should properly plan for their children.

Why child don’t want to wear glasses? 

There are several reasons for a child’s disinclination to wear glasses and it is important that parents consider each one.

  • Are you child’s glasses fitting properly?
  • Loose glasses keep on slipping down on the child’s nose.
  • Kids try to avoid glasses if the glasses too tight against the side of the head or behind the ear.
  • Few children need more time to used to it. Because it’s new for him/her though practitioner or parents thought glasses means the clearer world.
  • If none of family or classmates wearing glasses then they may be thinking differently.
  • Sometimes they want different colors of the frame.


What parents can do to motivate their child’s to wear glasses?

  • First of all, you have to overcome all above issues. Select proper size and shape of the frame which suits your child’s face.
  • Parents should wear glasses at home; even they can wear Plano white glass.
  •  Initially, try for a shorter period may be for a  half  hour or one hour.
  • Spend sometimes with your kids. Play indoor and outdoor game with them. Watch movies, television or play video games with glasses and motivate them to do same. Tell them with glasses vision is more clearer.
  • Motivate them to read story books with glasses.
  • Find child’s interest about glasses if they want any specific color, brands or logo with their glasses.
  • Offer more than one glass if they interested of 2-3 glasses. Maybe the frame suits with dresses.
  • Put some poster or photos on your wall that wear glasses. If your child can identify their favorite singer, actress or athlete who wear glasses too, then create a collage and paste up in their room.
  • Sometimes offer chocolate for wearing glasses.
  • Find someone in class who wearing glasses. Advise them to sit together in the classroom.
  •  Inform the class teacher about the spectacle and teacher should monitor and encourage them to wear glasses.
  • Buy favorites toys that wearing glasses.                                                                                            ThrillingRaccoon.jpg
  • Parents should give time and spend maximum time with their child. Please don’t fight with kids, you never win with them. Few cases optometrist / ophthalmologist  advice for patching along with glasses as part of amblyopia treatment. Child generally not allow to do patching. If parents or nearest one do patch along with them, then they it easily. After a certain period automatically they will start wearing glasses. It’s only time matter.

There are may be other techniques available. It depends kids to kids. Your comments and questions are welcome.


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